“Too often, architecture is just an end to itself. I believe design always has to express emotions, but it needs to start from a different basis: the individual, with his needs and his eternal but deadly quest for well-being” Carla Baratelli


The research of spaces, image, technologies, materials, lighting and shape of the light are the most important elements of studio’s philosophy.

It is characterized by the same fundamental elements of nature; indeed the architecture is a creation like the nature: shape, colour, light, material, water.

Creativity needs knowledge to express its best.

The magic of the SITE with its colours, shapes, scents and sounds: all inspirational elements for the project.

Studio Asia’s design method balances between philosophy, mathematics, sciences, physics and medicine, respecting the needs of body and mind to live taking care of himself.


Classico / Moderno

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“Realize a design is to give life to an idea...”

Carla Baratelli

According to Arch. Carla Baratelli, the spaces must " play" vibrations of pure energy,
they must be able to spread psychophysical wellness . A light and intagible science, perceptible only
through the emotion and the wellness of the setting's living.

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